#STRONG LIKE AN AMAZON #slightly annoyed by people who forget that tara is so much more than willow’s girlfriend #she’s powerful and brave and wiser than everybody else #she knows there’s no escape #and glory just made a fairly detailed description of what she’s gonna do to her #(while torturing her) #and yet there’s that look #strong like an amazon i said #everybody else can go home

#EVERY TARA FEEL #Such an underrated character #Can we talk for a mo about her relationship with Buffy? #How /she/ was the person Buffy told about Spike? #Aka all of her issues in s6 #Their conversation in The Body? #Buffy didn’t have a one on one conversation with anyone else that whole episode #Not really #But she could talk to Tara #Because Tara is strong and nonjudgemental and so fucking amazing #God I love Tara #Buffy the Vampire Slayer #Tara McLay #Joss Whedon #Joss is god

Thing I love most about just how strong Tara is in this scene, is that in an early episode Tara talks about how vampires just kill you.

Tara actually vocalised the fear of getting her head sucked, with a preference for the death option, and she knew that was exactly was going to happen but never once thought of giving up Dawn.

Glory threatened. Glory crushed her hand AND TASTED THE BLOOD, which is so gross and scary. But Tara just stood her ground and looked her in the eye and gave up nothing.

This is also the only scene where Glory is scary.

I love Tara.
She is a very different character from anyone that appears in the Buffyverse. She is a calm and quiet kind of strength.

I particularly love Tara and Dawn’s relationship, especially the divorced parent act in Smashed.
The thing that got me most about when Tara died, is that after Willow went on revenge spree, Dawn found Tara’s body and stayed with her because she didn’t want Tara to be alone.
Heart breaking stuff.

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